Compliance and integrity

Compliance is a critical cornerstone of our offering, a unique selling point that differentiates us from other schemes and delivers results that Brand Owners can trust.

We do this by using a compliance program comprised of five layers: 

  • Tell BRCGS (a global confidential system for reporting audit issues)
  • Insight (a digital analytical tool for site benchmarking and managing performance)
  • Compliance Audits (a global team of 23 people auditing the auditors)
  • Delivery Partner performance (across 5 KPIs) that gives customer choice by grade
  • Auditor competence (based on qualifications, training, experience, and exams)

BRCGS the leading global brand protection organisation, because we implement rigorous practices that aim to make sure an audit is carried out in exactly the same way, regardless of the product, country of production, certification body or auditor. This ensures the integrity and consistency of the BRCGS certification scheme, no matter where in the world your supplier is located. 

A study, based on data provided by the Dutch Food Safety Regulator (NVWA), has shown that the compliance programme is a significant factor in the improved performance of sites operating to a BRCGS certification programme.

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Our Compliance Manager, Karen Betts, explains how the compliance programme is managed in our latest podcast.


How do you audit sites?


We don't carry out the audits ourselves: they're carried out by approved certification bodies (CBs) around the world, which we licence to do the audits for us. These certification bodies are independently accredited by a National Accreditation Body to ensure they're auditing against the relevant Global Standard.

Rules and guidelines are laid down detailing the responsibilities of the certification body and auditors, and adherence to these rules are monitored by the BRCGS Compliance team, as well as the National Accreditation Body.

BRCGS028 BRCGS Audit result appeal Process

BRCGS030 BRCGS Compliance Site Visit Process