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Software for complete global oversight of your supply chain


Transform your supply chain management with Software by Safefood 360°

Collaborate and communicate directly with all suppliers in one central hub which saves your business time and resources, and ensures you know what is happening in your supply chain at all times.

✓ Supplier Audits: Conduct audits remotely or in person on-site with configurable checklists, scoring, and ratings.

✓ Supplier Portal: Remotely raise Corrective Actions with your supplier and automate the collection of all documents related to that supplier.

✓ Supplier Assessment: Save time and money by quickly pre-assessing a supplier to determine if they meet key sourcing criteria before you vet them fully.  

✓ Supply Chain Intelligence: Map your supply chain in seconds and drill down immediately into the detail behind each entity to see the current status and any open or pending issues.

✓ Supplier Scorecards: Create a real-time scorecard for each supplier showing exactly what is completed, what is outstanding or overview and score the suppliers on KPIs specific to your business.

✓ Performance Review: Tie everything together and automate the collection of assessments, audits, incidents, recalls, faults, and receiving into configurable reports for your assessors to quickly make supply chain decisions.

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