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The Journey to Gluten-Free Certification

How to get Certified

Your route to Gluten-Free certification

Getting the benefits of the Gluten-Free Certification is a simple process. We have outlined the steps you need to take below. Remember, if you need help along the way, you can contact us here.

Step 1:

Download the Standard and the Interpretation guidelines from the Store, which you will need as you move through the steps to getting BRCGS Certified.


Step 2

You must register your interest with our pre-sales support team before your Gluten-Free certification audit. Use the Register Interest contact form and select Gluten-Free under 'Interest'.


Step 3:

Sign a Gluten-Free Program License Agreement (PLA) and a Schedule A (list of recognised products eligible to carry any of the four trademarks covered by this document). For sites and Brand Owners using the AOECS Crossed Grain trademark, the relevant AOECS member society will provide your Certification Body with the ‘Site Crossed Grain Trademark Certificate(s) as confirmation that the site has entered into an agreement to manufacture products which carry the Crossed Grain trademark.


Step 4:

Learn about the scope, requirements of the standard, as well as the auditor’s perspective by attending training in a format that suits you and your team.


Step 5:

Download the self-assessment tool from our Help and Guidance page and measure your operation against the requirements of the Standard to help prepare you for your certification audit


Step 6:

Choose a BRCGS registered Certification Body from the Directory to perform the audit of your operation and register you as BRCGS Certified

Find a CB

Step 7:

Once you have achieved certification to the BRCGS Gluten-Free Certification Program, you may then submit your product artwork to BRCGS for approval


Take a step toward certification

Products to support compliance

  • Food Safety Culture Excellence

    Support your compliance with our culture assessment and also reduce non-conformities

    Food Safety Culture Excellence Front Cover

  • Confidential Reporting

    Set up a whistleblowing system to stay compliant with BRCGS standards and regulation 

    Confidential Reporting whistleblowing and case management front cover

  • Training

    We have a range of auditor and Site training courses to learn about the Standard from the experts

    BRCGS Training Book A Course