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Category Learning Module - Bakery

Category Learning Module - Bakery

The BRCGS Academy's Category Learning Modules help you develop your product safety skills. Each module focuses on a specific category relevant to the Global Standards. The new training courses allow you to gain a greater level of knowledge and understanding about each category.

Course Description

BRCGS have for some time developed and delivered auditor competency requirements and assessment criteria for each of the product categories. Core technical knowledge sets are required for most categories and product specific knowledge.

We have designed this course for auditors and sites to provide an overview of bakery ingredients, processes, food safety issues and controls, which will be assessed in the category exam. The course may additionally be used by Certification Bodies to calibrate auditors in category 14 to ensure their knowledge is relevant and up to date.

Sites and retailers can benefit from this course by using it as introductory training for technical and quality staff to enhance their knowledge of bakery ingredients, processes and food safety controls. And, it can further be utilized as instructional training for global markets sites to support the development of a certified BRCGS food safety and quality management system.

It focuses on what an auditor should know and therefore does not contain detailed descriptions of how to make these products or how to control specific issues.

The course is split into 5 modules:

  • - Key ingredients and their functions
  • - Dough types, bakery products and their processes
  • - Bread making and equipment
  • - Microbiological issues and shelf life control
  • - Non-microbiological issues


Information for Auditors

If you are an existing auditor working for a certification body please contact them directly for access to this course.

Authentication Codes

Please note to gain access to this course you will require an authentication code. These codes are only sent Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm GMT.