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Gluten-Free Certification Program Issue 3: Industry Training

  • Formats Available: Classroom, Virtual Course

  • Duration: 1 day

The Gluten-Free Certification Program – Industry Training

This training course has been designed for new or existing Gluten-Free Certification Program customers to help gain an appreciation of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, understand the Gluten-Free Certification Program Global Standard requirements and to provide guidance on implementing a preventative, risk-based Gluten-Free Management System.

This training will also explain the process that a business will need to follow in order to become a certified Gluten-Free site.

Key learning objectives:

  • Identify the impact that celiac disease has on individuals and demonstrate an understanding of why the food industry is required to manage gluten
  • Explain the concept of cross contact and the potential for cross contact in a food production process
  • Outline key legal requirements relating to gluten-free labelling
  • Identify different gluten controls that must be implemented as part of a gluten-free management system
  • Outline the importance of prerequisite programs in safeguarding a gluten-free site
  • Describe the process for obtaining certification to the Gluten-free Certification Program Global Standard
  • Understand the protocol for audits to the Standard

Our ATPs are BRCGS approved trainers who train auditors, sites, consultants and retailers to our requirements and protocols.

There are no sessions available for this course currently