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BRCGS Podcasts

In late 2019, BRCGS had released its first episode from our new podcast, it is called “Confidently Compliant: A Food Safety Podcast” and we release new episodes every month on trending topics in the Food Safety industry.

This podcast is designed to be a hub for knowledge sharing in the Food Safety Community. This is not a technical talk- this is a chance for both brand owners and suppliers to understand "why" different trends exist in Food Safety and how to make the most of them while ensuring compliance. From developing business connections to work-life tips and tricks, we help connect the dots between consumer trends, brand motivations and supplier specifications. The idea is to showcase how different areas of the supply chain work together to help sites and brand owners use science for a safer world.

Every podcast begins with a question, our marketing strategist Paula Parejo from the Americas region, interviews a content expert to find the answer. These questions are based on industry trends and frequently asked questions that we receive as program owners. BRCGS aims to help build our audiences’ awareness and contribute to their learning and development as food safety professionals. Conversations in this podcast are informal and relatable, pulling real life experiences to help professionals connect with the content. As a Certification Body or Approved Training Partner with BRCGS, these podcasts are an excellent source of knowledge sharing across your channels to help promote your services in relation to the topic at large. We create paths to conversations that you can expand on in your target market. Our podcast “is your auditor doing a good job?” is an example of how we subtlety promoted our partners, creating awareness on the hoops that you have to go through in order to represent the standard and that all of our partners are no less than excellent.

We have released six episodes to date on our podcast and are not shy of asking difficult questions. We like to challenge our content experts to get real answers on the value of different programs available to you in the supply chain to make the conversations intriguing and objective.

Future topics we plan to speak about trends within the following areas: Training and professional development in our modern world, how to enter the private label market (featuring Loblaws), Food Safety Culture, Storage and Distribution, START! (featuring Subway), How to stay competitive in the Food Safety Industry and packaging.

All podcasts are available everywhere! Common streaming platforms include but are not limited to, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube and Libsyn.

Subscribe today on your favourite streaming platform and listen to our current releases.

Episode 1: What is good networking?

Episode 2: Why is Plant-Based popular?

Episode 3: Is your auditor doing a good job?

Episode 4: Why get certified?

Episode 5: Why care about trademarks?

Episode 6: Why care about ethical sourcing?

Episode 7: How to start a dialogue with your employer about professional development

Episode 8: Case study: Growth and Certification with Abeilles Busy Bees

Episode 9: What is good virtual networking?

Episode 10: How our Food Safety Americas supporters can support you