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Service Package


All Inclusive Service Package

BRCGS certificated sites have exclusive free access to a wealth of tools designed to help your business improve and achieve greater success. This package is provided so that certificated sites get the best value from BRCGS, in addition to the management system certification process. As brands and major specifiers seek to strengthen their supply chains and build greater resilience into their businesses, there is no better time to start using the tools to support your business to adapt and improve in the post-Covid world, and demonstrate to both existing and new customers that you are a best in class supplier.

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Use of the BRCGS Brand - You receive a B2B license to use the BRCGS brand to demonstrate your credentials and to support the marketing of your products and your 'license to trade'. BRCGS is widely recognized and accepted by 70% of the top 10 global brands. 

Find out more about how to use the certificated site logo. To obtain copies of the logos, please complete and submit a logo application form.

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BRCGS Technical Helpline
- you can access our technical and compliance helpline should you require technical support or guidance at any time during your audit cycle.

Performance Benchmarking – insight reports to compare your performance against similar businesses that can be used to promote your services to new and existing customers. You will find reports available in English, Mandarin, Spanish and Italian on Participate. 

BRCGS Participate – two licenses to our dedicated online portal containing thousands of pounds worth of technical guidance, informative documents and supporting materials. These resources are a valuable resource for getting the full value from our core standards and setting a path of continuous improvement.

BRCGS Professional – Our holistic learning and development programme covering the core skills and behaviours required to implement BRCGS Standards within your site. The programme produces qualified, engaged and empowered leaders that can drive your organisation forward.

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BRCGS Directory – a listing on our Directory, searched by Brands and specifiers for competent and trusted suppliers.

Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing – free access to our Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing Guidance and Risk Assessment module. Be prepared to respond to brand requirements and the growth of the conscientious consumer.

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NEW - Food Safety Culture Basic - a new free introductory module for BRCGS certificated sites that provides early sight into your cultural performance and will support your planning. It allows for 6 respondents and generates an online report across 2 categories and 2 dimensions. 

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Make the most of the free tools available to improve your business and get the most from your certification, and to support the recovery of your business post Covid-19. 

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Please see our FAQs for further information. If you have any further queries, please contact our team at


BRCGS Professional

The BRCGS Professional programme is made up of industry-leading BRCGS training across all Standards, Hazard and Risk Management and Product Safety Management, with the aim of creating dynamic leaders that deliver trust for your customers and help your business gain a competitive advantage. For further information email

BRCGS Participate

BRCGS Participate is an online information platform for BRCGS Certificated Sites and Delivery Partners. The site provides exclusive access to all BRCGS publications, webinars, case studies, white papers and reports. It offers the most convenient and flexible way to access all the content produced by BRCGS. For further information email